Air quality monitoring

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What is this strange thing that is hanging on the wall of my house ?`

I’m curious to know the quality of the air of where i’m living. That’s why I joined the Sensor.Community group by setting up a air quality sensor.

I didn’t reinvent the wheel and just followed this  page.

Because i didn’t have a Node MCU, I used a Wemos D1 Mini,it is working the same.

I developped my own box to protect the sensor.

My first idea was to do a little ghost with eyes and others accessories. But I missed time and I just made the body.

To hang the box on the wall, I used neodymium magnets. There is two spaces where I can insert a magnet inside the box. Two others magnets are hooked on the wall, and the box come to stick on them. A picture talks better :

I forgot to take a picture inside the box before to hang it on the wall. There are 3 parts :

  • body: le box
  • internal: the part that carries the electronic and is inserted from below the box
  • supportInferieur: a plate inserted below the internal and allow to carry a grill to prevent insects to come inside the box.

You can find the openscad file here :